• Foundation

    Englmayer looks back at more than 160 years of history. In 1858, Martin Dollhaeubl founded the company and led it until 1862, when his stepson Georg Englmayer took over. Later, the company was named after him.

    In 1872, new premises in the Bahnhofstrasse in Wels were opened, which would remain to be the company’s Headquarters for the following 100 years.

  • Authorised Customs Agent

    Only little later, in 1882, Englmayer was announced “Authorised Customs Agent of the Austro-Hungarian Empire”, a title which significantly influenced the company’s further development.

  • Acquired

    Wiesinger Franz, an entrepreneur from the Upper Austrian town of Bad Ischl, acquired the business in 1907. Under his leadership, growth continued and peaked in 1915, with 24 horses transporting goods back and forth.

  • Reconstruction

    WWI and WWII as well as the interwar years proved to be a difficult time for the company, especially when the Headquarters in the Bahnhofstrasse in Wels were attacked and bombed in 1944. However, things started to improve when Karl Wiesinger became Managing Director in 1953 and sought to position the company as a customs expert. Between 1963 and 1976, a bonded warehouse was built, offering Englmayer’s customers 4,000 m2 of storage facilities for customs goods.

  • Takeover

    In 1979, Heinz Wiesinger assumed leadership and opened Englmayer’s new Headquarters in the Wiesenstrasse in 1981.

    In 1998, G. Englmayer achieved ISO 9002 registration, one year before Andreas Gaber, the current Managing Director, entered the Board. In 2003, quality standards had improved even further, resulting in ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 certificates.

    In 2008, the company not only celebrated its 150th birthday but also initiated the foundation of the subsidiary “G. Englmayer, Zoll und Consulting GmbH”, which stands for customs expertise and positions itself on the market as a customs expert.

    In 2009, G. Englmayer became AEO (Authorised Economic Agent) and is now one of only a few Austrian freight forwarders which may hold F (Full) certification.

  • Move - News

    In 2012, “G. Englmayer, Zoll und Consulting GmbH” moved into a fully refurbished office building, including generous seminar facilities, which came in handy when the “Customs Academy” was established in 2013.
    Today, the “Customs Academy” offers tailor-made trainings as well as pre-designed customs workshops for beginners and advanced learners and specialised seminars on customs regulations and amendments in customs law. For any further information, please follow the link (German only):

    In 2015 a new office of "G. Englmayer Zoll und Consulting GmbH" opened its doors in the port of Enns.

    In 2016 our subsidiary company "G. Englmayer Zoll und Consulting Swiss GmbH" in Switzerland was founded. Since then, we offer our customs services from one single source also in Switzerland.

    In the same year we successfully got certified with the ISO 29990 certificate and introduced our brand "Customs Academy Austria".

  • Certificate and first P36 and P37 course

    In 2017 the Customs Academy successfully received the OE-Cert (quality certificate for adult education in Austria).

    Our multi-day courses "P36 Zollfachkraft" and "P37 Zolldeklarant" were executed in 2017/2019 for the first time.

  • Winner of the Exportprize 2020 in bronze